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Bouchra Filali Ksikes is the creative force behind FBK Haute Couture, a brand infused by traditional Moroccan designs. 

From an early age Bouchra, who was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, was immersed in the world of fashion. Her father was a successful manufacturer of traditional Moroccan clothing and Bouchra's family's influence was apparent in her early life. She was fascinated by the designing and manufacturing processes in her father’s factory where she spent hours observing the highly skilled seamstresses. As early as seven years of age, Bouchra would draw up fashions and sewed clothes for her dolls. Her family noticed her love for clothes, and encouraged Bouchra to study design. After high School, she decides to join the Casablanca campus of College-LaSalle, a Canadian Fashion Design School. It was during this time, Bouchra gained experience combining the western refinement of “Haute Couture” with the exotic exuberance of Moroccan tradition.


After a career break to raise a family, Bouchra decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of starting her fashion label “FBK Haute Couture”. In 2009 she opened her boutique-workshop at her Casablanca home. She began designing traditional Moroccan dresses and rapidly became a fashion icon in Morocco. In 2011, she launched her first children collection, FBKids, which was a huge success. FBK became an essential figure in the Moroccan fashion industry and was featured in the most exclusive fashion magazines in Morocco. She took part in fashion shows around the country including the fund raising fashion Show for the Unicef in Casablanca and Cas’Art fashion show that featured renowned fashion designers from North Africa and the Middle East. 


Last year, FBK Haute Couture collaborated with Al Amer group in Qatar under the name of “House of Moroccan elegance” to eventually expand throughout the Gulf and the Middle East. Recently, Bouchra took her thriving business to new heights when she showed her collection “Bal des Roses” as part of the “Caftan du Maroc” fashion show in Long Beach, California and proved that her creations are not only popular in the Arab world, but are a global success. Whether it is bridal or haute couture, her brand specializes in creating pieces to suit a modern woman's needs and individual style. Bouchra loves modesty, but does not give up on elegance and appeal, regardless of a woman’s body structure or figure.


Her iconic aesthetic has been worn by celebrities and royalties worldwide and FBK Haute Couture is easily one of Morocco's most promising fashion brands.


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